01 April, 2010

It's been a funny couple of days...

...with sick boys at home. The big boy & the little boy aren't themselves. So when I do get a second with out having to hold the little fella I have been getting stuck into a bit of crochet again.

My carrot I started at mum's shop the other day when I had to go there for a little while. I had a pattern that I couldn't figure out so I just tried it out freestyle! Guess it kind of worked! I was pretty impressed with it anyway, & so was BJ who wanted to eat it of course. Better not let the dog have it as she loves carrots & she will run away with it. If I can find the pattern again I will link it, but I am not sure where it is now. I did follow the carrot top pattern that was there though. I found it just by googling crochet carrot.

The blue & green egg I did today. Um... well that is debatable. Is 6am really today or last night? Yes I was up by then, in fact I had already been up for an hour & had 2 cuppas so thought I had better do something productive but quiet. So I did the egg that I had seen the pattern for the other day. It's here at Kundhi. I think mine is a bit bigger than it should be but I just went with what I had in scrap & it's a good size anyway to play with!

Now I have become a florist. What do you think of my beautiful bunch of flowers? The 5 small ones on the right are from Lucy's cool blog. The big one under them is from a book from the library, Crochet Scarves. I probably won't make any scarves out of it but I had to do the flower. I think it is my favourite flower of them all. The rest of the flowers I just made up as I went so they are all a bit different. Some are good & some are ok... I don't think any of them are terrible at least.

Most of the flowers if not all are destined for a new home. They are going to be used somewhere quite different I think. We'll see, as they may be too big for their intended use. Stay tuned though as I may be able to show you sometime where they end up.

So that's my afternoon. Flowers. BJ has been sleeping & sleeping so that's good as that is the best for him. When he wakes up we have a bunch of The Wiggles dvds from the library to watch. Good timing with a 4 day weekend ahead! Hopefully he is better soon though. Also hope the big fella is better soon. It will be a crappy weekend for him otherwise but it may also be what he needs to get over this virus.


Flowers are red young man,
& green leaves are green.
There's no need to see flowers any other way
Than the way they always have been seen.
Flowers are Red - Harry Chapin

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Sally said...

Wow - spring has really bloomed at your place - carrots and flowers!!! Fantastic. HAPPY EASTER!
Hope the boys are better for the long weekend.