24 April, 2010

I'm still about! Really I am!

I've been waiting to get a picture of my top for Spring Top week over at Made by Rae. It's taken a while. I did finish it last weekend. But I wasn't happy with it, so I needed to take it to mum's so she could pin the sides where I wanted it taken in a bit. It flares out on the pattern quite a bit & it was making it feel very maternity like. So I finally got it taken in & finally got a new picture today. It looks ok. I am glad I can put it away in the cupboard now until Spring as it is only Autumn here in Aussie right now. I won't be sick of it then I hope & maybe I will even wear it.

Info about it is that it is the Summer Fling pattern by Make it Perfect. I did a large size. I was hoping it would fit as the measurements didn't go up to my bust size. But it fits well. I did make the sash that goes with it but won't be wearing it. I can't wear it under my bust. Makes me look pregnant & I really cannot be bothered with questions about if I am or not! & I'm not! I can't wear the sash around my waist as it just slides up. Not a good look.

The fabric is Sunwashed by Sweetwater for Clothworks. I used the blue daisy version for the main fabric. Then needed a contrast. Was tricky to find something to go with the shade of blue so ended up with the white version of the same for the contrast. Looks ok.

I may see if I can find some other fabric now that is meant to be used for clothing & try another one to see if it hangs or sits better. Maybe if this one gets washed a lot & softens a bit it may hang better. It's not awful I don't think, but well, I don't really know. But I would like to experiment with some other fabric sometime. It won't be now for spring top week anyway. I have had the pattern for a while & Spring Top week was good motivation to get it made just because I needed to try it. The standard of the tops over there is very high so I was a bit reluctant but here I am all the same entering just for the heck of it.

Other than that, it has been a busy week with all sorts of house type stuff going on, plus a bit of work & stuff. It's all good.

I have Thai Pumpkin soup in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. I just made Anzac biscuits because it seemed appropriate since tomorrow is Anzac day & I made cheese sticks too which are for BJ to try. Something else to keep him interested in food, or get him to eat something else anyway. It's all good.

Happy Weekend!


Sally said...

I like your top very much. The fabric is fantastic... so spring! Good that you can put it away for the time being. Sounds like you've developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with it.
Mmmmmm... thai pumpkin soup. YUM!

Chars said...

Love the TOP - I would wear it