04 April, 2010

Hope you are having a Happy Easter!

I am hoping mine gets happy!!! Too tired right now to do much though there is much to do with some people coming for lunch. The sickies are better but the kid has got major teething problems. Well we assume that. That is also probably what made him sick as well though the other day. Who knows! But we had a VERY long night. Even with the extra hour due to the end of daylight savings. So now I have sent the boys out to get some more teething relief which we had unfortunately run out of. Plus he took BJ to the park at the Bluff for a play. Hopefully he is getting worn out & will have a sleep this afternoon. He sure needs it. (makes two of us!)

Before the drama of the night though last night I did have a ta-dah moment myself! First picture is the cushion from the other week along with a stool I scored a couple of weeks back.


One covered stool! I am a bit excited about it. I was using a pattern of Lucy's again... for the flat circle. Only problem was that it was too much circle. I had almost the whole top done. & I had way too much for the cover. I needed to remove 2 whole segments of the shaping to make it flat. So I undid it. Rolled all my little colours up & put them in a row to use again. Then I had to refigure it. I am pretty mathemically challenged at the best of times, but I finally figured out a new centre size & the additional stitches needed to make a not to much circle but an octagon. It went flat! Yay for me! I did follow the theory behind Lucy's circle though so I still did hdc all over. I actually like those the best I think. It is nice & filled in as a result. Then I stopped increasing at the top edge & it went down just nicely. Then I did a few extra rows below the bottom of the seat & added elastic through the second last row & voila.... one lovely fitted seat cover! It only took the week really. The week before I worked on the other top that was too big. This week I was also really busy so I think that is pretty good! Got to love the speed of crochet!

The pic below shows another granny square cushion cover on the back of the chair. I did that the weeks before the stool cover. I haven't been able to finish it off into a cover yet as I don't have a jumper to chop up yet for the backing. So eventually it will be done & they all match so pretty. If you haven't worked it out, they are all done in the same 8 colours. It's only acrylic but now I know I can do it I may need to go & try some wool crochet next! But not yet... Still stash busting. I was very good in March. I spent $5.50 on some wool at the op shop & that is the only stash I got all month! Well done me! It was hard at times.

Ok, I had better go & start some food prep. Actually I had better go & change the clocks so I don't keep giving myself a shock each time I look.

Happy Easter to you
Happy Easter to You
Happy Easter to everyone
Happy Easter to You.

PS... edited to add I think I have broken a toe too, this afternoon smacking it into the wall. Bugger & ouch! At least dinner was yummy!


Chars said...

You have my sympathy for the tiredness.... this has shaped up to be our worst Easter Sunday and the twins birthday to boot :( Have had a Gastro bug strike the house immobile... :(

Hope that you are having a wonderful day regardless and I love your crocheting.

hugs Char x

call me Rondy... said...

Love the crochet stool cover, very awesome!

julie k said...

I love all of them. You did such a great job. Well done on the thrifted yarn, too. Pretty colors!

Melinda said...

The covers look lovely and cosy.

angelina said...

loving your colorful crochet!! and i totally feel the sympathy with a broken toe, i'm a total clot and have broken my pinky toes like 10 times each. man it hurts. x
ps. my kiddos felt much better with hylands homeopathic teething tablets.x