15 April, 2010

Creative Space

This is my Creative Space for this week. I have been working on this colourful stripey crochet. Not far to go till it's done now!

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Red & yellow & pink & green,
Purple & orange & blue
Sing a Rainbow


happyment said...

Awesome colours! Beautiful combo! What are you crocheting?

Sally said...

Those colours are brilliant!!!
You're crochet just gets better and better.
What stitch is it that you're using?

feel what I felt said...

I love the colours!

Saara U said...

Mandy, I only now found your blog. You're making beautiful things! I love the colours in this one & the granny square things you've made!

Full Little Tummies said...

Mandy I am loving your blog. You are so clever. I love the colours you are using for this stripey crochet. Fantastic!!!

Chelsea :-)

Triskele said...

Love those colours.