05 April, 2010

Five Faves

Five favourites for this week? Tricky! Can I come up with 5 after the week I've had? Let's see...

1. Crochet - An easy thing to pick up & create inbetween other stuff, even for 5 minutes of R'n' R & sanity.

2. Books - that you can read while you have a kid laying on you for a few hours cos he is too grumpy or sick or just plain horrible & he can't do anything else right now!

3. The Library - for a new supply of Wiggles dvds for the long weekend for a bit of variety.

4. The Wiggles - ok, if you don't have kids & haven't really watched any of them, they really are quite a talented bunch, who really put a lot of effort into the more recent dvds they have out & they really are quite entertaining (the first time round - not so much after the 7th time) for big people too! & hey, we just watched the special one with the Pink Wiggle (Kylie!!!). A rather entertaining song! lol

5. Long weekends - Extra good is a long weekend with DAD home - Yay!!! Especially great with a sick, grumpy or just plain horrible kid so you have someone else to help you out. (when kid allows help from someone other than the mum that is!!! )

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These are a few of my favourite things...
Sound of Music

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