11 April, 2010

Five Favs

1. Coca Cola cupcakes - These are just the coolest thing.

Check out Bakerella for these & other terrific cool ideas! I need to go & find a bunch of Aussie substitutes for the stuff they use on all the cakes, but these cola ones are awesome. Being a collector of coke things I am really in awe! Also terribley jealous of these cool bottles. They were obviously only a special type in the USA in 2008. Oh well, another thing for me to find one day to add to the collection.

2. Day-O by the Wiggles - Sad but true. If I could work out how to put the clip from youtube on here I would but that will be a job for another day. ICheck Spellingt's pretty cute though. We have just opened the dvd with this on it. "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" - complete with special guest Leo Sayer (which isn't necessarily a favourite but it adds some more interest to it I guess!)

3. Sunny Days - bit of a lack of these at the moment but it is easier to let the kid play outside a bit during the day to use up some of that energy.

4. Clever people in blogland - the people that make pretty blog apparel for you to wear on your blog to make yourself look more interesting! Thanks to clever people in blogland!

5. Homegrown food - Just spent an hour juicing apples. How cool. Didn't make a dent in the apples we have though. Picked some capsicums & chopped them to freeze. Picked some spinach. Will probably have that with the Lamb Pot Pie out of the current issue of Donna Hay mag for dinner. Have the beetroot boiling on the stove right now.

To see some more favs visit here.

Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles & warm woollen mittens.
My fav things - Sound of Music


Elizabeth said...

Oh I love the look of those cupcakes!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

You can't beat homegrown fruit and veg!