22 January, 2010

Just need to not think right now!!!

I'm sure we all have those days now & then, but today was mine. I decided I'd better get stuck into bookwork to get it to the accountant next week. Ok, slogging through that was one thing. Finding unpresented cheques from a little while back was another story. So phone them, ask about it. Phone bank, ask about it. Cancel cheque - at a cost of course. Too much money not too. Ring company, ask them how they want me to readvise allocation of money. Sort that out. Fix up a couple of other problems which I stuffed up earlier in the week. Ekkk... just to much going on to get things right lately! Ekkk... so I need to just sit & chill out & forget about it all.

I crocheted one star. I sewed some ends in. I watched the tennis. BJ woke up. End of tennis. Hi-5 is on now. Oh well. I am sitting here with my Bailey's now & some barbeque chips for my own little happy hour before dinner. Wow, I really haven't done such a thing in years! But have you tried the Bailey's Irish Cream with a Hint of Coffee? It's not bad at all!

Anyway for lack of anything better to post about & with the need for some happy stuff, I thought I would post these pics of BJ that sister Judy took last weekend when she was here. We put up BJ's train table in the rumpus room while he was asleep & his eyes fair lit up when he saw it complete with his Thomas train track on it. He is really enjoying it. We are enjoying having the room for it in the rumpus room. At the old place we put the table in the lounge room. I suggested to Stu then that we should just chuck out the furniture. There wasn't room for both over there. So BJ is lucky we moved as now he gets his table up. Or we get to keep the lounge furniture. Either way is good. lol

I really do laugh at the last picture. Juneau has taken to having good long rolls about on the grass. BJ has taken to copying her. It really is funny to watch. He even has his leg up in the air just like her in this picture.

Ok, happy days! Time to cook dinner.

Lay me down on a bed of gold
Roll me round ‘til the cows come home
Drive me wild in the soft sweet grass
Hillbillies……… like it like that!

Hot Apple Pie - Hillbillies

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