25 January, 2010

My Place & Yours - What I'm Reading

My Place & Yours has returned with a new home. You can find it here over at Punky & Me. This weeks theme is What I am Reading! Currently I am attempting this one!

I started it before the move, but then packed it & didn't find it right away, but it is found again. It is tranlated from French so I don't know if the original version is quite as difficult but I started it & thought I needed a dictionary to read along with it. Not fun when you just need something light for before sleep! Oh well, I will persevere & see if things improve a bit. You can find more info on it at Dymocks if you want an overview of the story. I'm sure it is a good book like they say it is.

I am going to read some more of the stuff on the bookshelf though as it is too full. I will read & then decide to put the books on Bookmooch or not to give away. I have a stack in a box now waiting to be mooched. If you love books & are after some you can't find, this is the place to start in your search. You only need to give some books away & you can mooch some that you want as well! All for the cost of postage to mail yours to someone who needs what you have. lol

Edited to add that I have given up on this book. It's too hard. I give myself persmission to stop reading books I am not enjoying these days. Too many books to waste time on them.

Paper back writer (paperback writer)

Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?

It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It's based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer.
Paperback writer - The Beatles

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Vic said...

Oh thank you for that bookmooch link, I will have to investigate that further!

Too bad you are finding your book a bit of a struggle, I loved the name immediately...!

I appreciate you playing along, on this, My Place & Yours' first voyage out with Punky & Me. :)