30 December, 2017

Family Fun Day

It is funny how things happen.  Only the other week I said to Stuart that we should try a game of the 20/20 cricket sometime with the boys.  Sure enough, an advert turns up that says there is a game a little closer than it usually is.  So tickets are booked. 

So why not make a day of it. 

(Cast on & toe complete on the drive.)

An early start gave us a good full day ahead.  We had a look around the city first & were actually disappointed.  It seems that empty shop issue isn't only in smaller towns & cities, but the bigger ones too.  The whole place had changed a lot & the shops we used to love were either gone or reinvented & didn't have the quality we liked about them before, anymore.  Did buy a couple of little bits but nothing riveting! 

The cricket consisted of 2 games through the afternoon & evening.  It was going to be a push to get the boys to both, so I spent a few hours in the afternoon with the boys at a soft play place that of course we hadn't tried before.  So that was fun.  They had a blast there, & it catered nicely for a 9 year old where as our local one he is just getting a bit past. 

(sock progress)

Tea out & then off to the cricket.  We had bucket heads, thunder sticks, posters & a very late night.  BJ loved it & got into it.  DJ was over it about half an hour into it.  He sleeps...  in that noise!  Lucky him.  

(sock progress)

A fun day with some new experiences for the boys.  Oh & me too!  

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a nice relaxing day.