05 December, 2017

Elf Moments

Day 2 - Some Christmas spirit

Day 3
Maggie cannot draw portraits.  
I do wish they would stop drawing on my windows though!

Day 4
 Hahaha...  they got our tablets during the night & took selfies & some other pictures.  But then they also changed the wall paper on our tablets & our lock screens!   Sure was a surprise to turn them on & find their pictures. 

Day 5
A very thoughtful person arrived the other day & passing through the airport picked up some fancy doughnuts.  Well umm... Stuart didn't get that last piece of his cos well, we found Douglas & Maggie in the fridge finishing it off.  

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Anonymous said...

They are very cluey aren't they, knowing how to change things on their tablets and also how to get into the fridge.