01 December, 2017

Here We Go Again

So December has landed.  I think it was only December last month though.  I think the calendars are playing tricks. 

I'm busy.  Busy with a few different projects.  The end of November was terribly hot.  We had crazy weather for here at this time of year.  So I didn't do much of the usual things.  I have been knitting yes, but not as much for some reason.  Days are long & full.  I guess as summer is here, it may continue to be so. 

But hey, Douglas & Maggie arrived! 

& why not go & draw & write all over the windows that have just had a good spring clean!  Far out!!! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How lovely that Douglas and Maggie are back. Can't wait to hear about the antics they think up.