30 November, 2017

Taking Stock - November

Making :  lists for a little holiday.
Cooking :  do you cook salad?  
Drinking :  water.  Lots of water.  
Reading:  Delicious! by Ruth Reichl....  finished it really quickly.  Nicest book I've read in a long time.
Trawling:  knitting patterns.
Wanting:  it to cool off a bit.
Looking:  at the garden to decide which bit to do first
Deciding:  what to pack for our holiday.
Wishing:  it wasn't quite so hot already.
Waiting:  for calls back from techies on the phone..  so much time wasted...  
Wondering:  how the next couple of weeks will go for BJ before our holiday.
Pondering:  how fast Christmas will come after our little holiday.
Considering:  Christmas
Buying:  not much for Christmas yet.
Watching:  the temperature go up & possibly set new 130 year records.
Hoping:  it isn't tooooo hot on holiday.  
Needing:  lots & lots of bark for the garden.
Questioning: our sanity in buying this house all those years ago!  lol
Smelling:  a clean chook house.
Wearing:  summer clothing!
Feeling:  overwhelmed!
Pretending:  that Christmas isn't less than a month away...
Embracing:  Christmas preparations.

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