03 November, 2017

Addicted to the Challenge!

 Ummm...  yes, rocks.

I went to the shops & found some paint pens too.  They are fabulous fun.

So I have got a little more creative.

The step by step instructions online are handy for learning how to draw things.  I really need to stick to some of those ideas instead of winging it.  My winging it doesn't work well.  I ask DJ to take his time to work on something rather than just flit over a rock with some coloured stripes.  He is funny & in a rush to to them.  I tell him he did a good job of the Spongebob rock last week so he should think them through more.  I really need to remember that too.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest too.

The boys had the day with their grandparents today & they went to the park with the neighbours which is a mum & 3 children.  They all took one of our rocks to hide at the park while they went.  They couldn't take more as they are too heavy to carry.  But they had fun with them.  So that's what counts hey!

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