12 November, 2017


We've been playing with rocks still.  Well DJ & I do.  BJ has lost interest.  Oh well, That's ok.  

DJ is funny though.  He tries new designs that take him an age & then he rushes in with another & just puts marks on it.  Oh well.  

I'm still doing spiders.  They are easy now.  Also the penguins & owls are nice & effective.  Tried a few house types, & they aren't great, but aren't horrible either.  I do like my little red & white people though.  So much so that I couldn't even hide them when we went to do a big drop yesterday.  I think we dropped about 50 in 2 different parks that we hadn't been at yet.  Was a lot of fun.  We did find 9 though so that was cool.  

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