19 November, 2017

Feels Like Summer

It was hot today!  After taking care of all the trees & plants that needed water, the boys needed some.  They spent a bit of time here but then the sprinkler went under the trampoline & they were in there for nearly an hour I think.  It was fun listening to them play a lot together.  

In the meantime we got a job done that had been quite time some in the making.  I had weeded it a few times before ready for the mat & bark.  But well it never got that but now it was weeded again it was not growing again!  Done.  Yay!  

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Anonymous said...

The garden looks fantastic! How do you manage to keep Juneau off the bark? It looks like the boys are having a lot of fun, and the rocks all look very professional. I don't seem to be able to make comments on your blog but will try once more.