04 November, 2017

Thoughtful Ideas

The other day BJ asked me if he could make a dinosaur for a friend at school who broke his leg at school last week.  I said he could of course.  

So today was it.  It was such a cold day today!  We stayed in for the day & BJ got started.  Cutting out, pinning together & machine sewing.  Then the stuffing!  He can have that job any day!  

I did help with attaching the legs to the body.  That is a rotten job too.   But he's done it! 

I really hope this boy appreciates it. 


Anonymous said...

He certainly concentrated on what he was doing. What a lovely gesture to want to make something.

Anonymous said...

How lovely that he wanted to make something for a friend. He really did concentrate for every step. Wonderful.