27 December, 2017

Taking Stock - December

Making :  lists.  Lots of lists.
Cooking :  too hot to cook...  
Drinking :  water, water, & some more water.  
Reading:  The Beach Cafe - Lucy Diamond
Trawling:  book sales.
Wanting:  the lazy days of summer to last for ages...
Looking:  forward to the coming weeks of holidays.
Deciding: on some new activities or places to visit in the holidays.
Wishing:  not scorching summer heat.
Enjoying:  the great memories from our holiday.
Waiting:  for Santa of course.
Liking:  the laziness of Boxing Day, the pleasure of doing nothing, eating out of the fridge & just hanging...  
Loving:  the work we have got done in the front garden.  
Considering:  options for other parts of the garden.
Buying:  Lego for all of us at the cool Lego shop on holiday!
Watching:  not much, tacky Christmas movies on Netflix.  Need a new series to try.
Hoping:  2018 is fantastic.
Marvelling: at the details that the boys remember from the holiday.
Questioning:  whether we will stay awake to watch a live cricket game.  
Smelling:  Christmas dinner cooking.
Wearing:  some new shirts.  
Noticing:  how early I am getting up after a few days away of really early, with no Daylight Savings there.  
Knowing:  getting up early won't last.
Thinking: how fast the next couple of weeks will fly by.
Getting: in some new experiences over the holidays.
Bookmarking:  some new ideas for the new year.
Disliking:  the weeks of school that they basically do nothing at the end of year.
Opening:  the Christmas boxes & getting excited at all the memories in there.  
Closing:  the Christmas boxes again.
Feeling:  like we are winning with our garden goals...  Another one off the list!  
Hearing:  BJ ponder Christmas...
Celebrating:   Christmas & all things end of year...
Embracing:  The Christmas spirit.

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Anonymous said...

A long list to be thankful for. Lovely to be able to relax completely now for a while after all the business.