22 December, 2017

Fun Elf

Day 19

So they packed the boys lunches for school.  Lucky for them I couldn't see what was inside or else I would have eaten it myself!  

Day 20

More Christmas lights.  Another string of lights on the curtain rail in the rumpus room.  
Also some icicle lights hanging outside on the deck roof.  They look so pretty.

It turned out well though as we were planning on having Christmas dinner in the rumpus room so it was nice it looked a bit festive already.  

Day 21

For Christmas dinner I had planned a little game for the 13 adults that would be coming.  The elf kindly found a little Christmas tree & decorated it for us so the presents looked better.  I guess they don't like presents & no tree.  

Day 22

Douglas found our box of Tas Rocks.  We have a lot finished & will hide them over the holidays.  
But he & Maggie painted some for us.  
We are going to keep them in our own garden though.  Four rocks, a self portrait, reindeer poo, a sleigh & a Santa hat.  Pretty cool really.  I just have to coat them.  Nice that they coloured some though.  It will be a nice addition to our garden rocks.  

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Anonymous said...

How do they ever think about all the antics. The paintings on the pebbles are just so good, it will be lovely for them to finish up in your own garden.