18 October, 2012

So Much Sunshine

 Here are my next 3 squares from the Hello Sun quilt along.  They aren't taking long now.  I did these yesterday evening!  They didn't take long at all!  Now I have my groove happening...  The next 4 are almost done too.  They only need sewing!  I should get most of that knocked over tonight if I don't sit here doing nothing for too long.  Then I guess I can get back to the things I was going to do before these suns interrupted me!  

I have also tidied up the scrap pile that got another workout today with the boys.  I have sorted it out & will cut a bunch up into 5" squares.  I have a load of strips & loads of other little bits.  I'm not sure how small to cut them down too.  Do any of you collect 2.5" squares?   I'd be happy to send some to people.  Could fit a few in an envelope for minimal postage.  Yes I am offering squares up if anyone is interested.  Probably nobody though & that's fine...  I offered up vintage fabric recently & only had 2 takers on that of the 5 lots on offer.  Oh well.  But seriously, if you are interested in 2.5" squares, I will send some.  I need to clear some of these bits out.  I did toss out a few bits out of the scrap box too.  Those silly shaped bits that are virtually useless.  But I had fun going through it for these squares.   The boys playing with it helps mix it up so I could see more.  I would never have found that piece for the lady bird otherwise.  It was perfect.  

Yay!  Tomorrow is Friday!   


Bron said...

You have really got the hang of this haven't you???? Hey my fabric arrived today...love love love it....now to get crafting sigh xxxxx

Lynn F said...

Your Hello Sun blocks are absolutely charming. Well done!

Allison said...

your sun blocks are just the cutest thing! i can see why you couldn't resist :) If you are still looking for a home for your 2.5" squares, I would love some! I am making a postage stamp style quilt with squares that size. My goal is to make it 90 inches square. I would be happy to send you something in trade - maybe a larger, more useable piece of fabric?