04 October, 2012

I've Crashed Out

It was always going to happen soon.  I have had it...  conked out...  I've been running on crafting adrenalin for the last couple of weeks & I knew it couldn't last.  It's over.  It's OK though.  I am exhausted but I do have a pile of handmade stuff to take to the market on Sunday.  That was my aim.  OK, last week I had no intention of making hats as well, that was just an accident that kind of fell into place.  Isn't it weird how that happens!  

I have been sorting out little things for the market, like a money float, price labels, pens, scissors, note paper, display bits!  What else do I need?  Anyone that has done lots of these things before have any tips?  Mostly I am selling all the boys clothing up to size 0.  A few other of their things & then my crafty stuff.  It all has to be child related in any case as it's a baby/kid market!

It's been a crazy day with some time at home fortunately.  I had to make a visit to the big pink bus.  Then some errands in town with the boys.  That included a sudden trip to the shoe shop for new shoes for BJ.  ( I was rather embarrassed about the state of his current shoes!)  Gee, he is going to be one of those that is hard on shoes.  No doubt the DJ will be too.  At least at the moment DJ is wearing all the hand-me-downs.  But that won't last for long where shoes are concerned as there won't be any worth handing to anyone but the wheelie bin.  Supermarket shopping turned into a circus with a tired pair (as well as me!), so I was wishing for some grandmothers at the time I had to get DJ out of the trolley & carry him as well as push the trolley too.  Yay!  But 5 minutes later I was saved when both the grandmothers appeared!  How flukey was that then!  So DJ went off for a walk & BJ & I could finish up quickly.  Phew...  I'm looking forward to their bed time.  lol  (& mine!)

I might then get another hat or 2 hand stitched to finish them off.  I do The Count laugh every time I add one to the pile!  Three...  Ha ha ha ha....  5 to go...  not so ha ha ha ha....  There are a couple the same on the outside but they are different on the inside so they are all unique!  Fingers crossed I can sell some of this stuff now at the market!  I'll find out soon enough!

Blogtoberfest day 4!


Vicky said...

Good luck at the market - let me know how you get on :)

Bron said...

Hope the success of the market makes up for all the hard work in the lead up.....yay for grandmothers that appear out of nowhere. xxx

Cherie said...

Good luck at the market don't forget sunscreen and a hat for you if it's outside. Throw in scissors, some bluudog clips and any other odds and ends you might think of in case of an emergency ... silly things happen at markets ;)
OK what size is the pale green with hearts hat will it fit a 3.5 and the cost please with postage?
Only when you get time, no immediate hurry ;)

Sally said...

Good luck at the market.
Looking forward to hearing how it goes. One day I'd like to have a go at a market stall too.