30 October, 2012

Bit Of Crochet

I haven't done much crochet worth talking about lately.  But Monday I got this one done.  I am actually a fortnight behind in the crochet along squares.  This is called Majesty Square.  It looks right.  My head was full of cold & I really just wanted to sleep but that wasn't going to happen of course.  So I managed to hook this.  It matches the other ones on show at Ravelry.  I really didn't follow the pattern in the end as I just used a picture as a guide & just did it.  I kept forgetting which round I was up too & couldn't work out any more where I was even trying to work it out!  So I didn't bother.  I'm sure the pattern is good!  

Note to self - don't try to follow a pattern when you just feel like crap!  lol


Sally said...

Ooo... it looks great. I often just follow the picture and ignore the pattern... just too lazy I guess.

Bron said...

It's lovely so sorry to hear you are not well...look after yourself. xx