11 October, 2012

Crochet Is Back

I still have been pottering with the crochet hook as well lately... somehow!  

This square though I actually did a couple of weeks ago.  I finally finished off the ends & took a picture though!  It's a cute one with little sticky out bits in the middle!  It's called Wedding Day from the Melinda Miller group.  It was the August square I think. I was a bit slow for that so I bought it recently with a couple of other patterns of hers so I can work my way through them.  

This is the latest square from the crochet along on Ravelry too.  It's Starburst Flower square.  I enjoyed this one too.  They have all been quite different & I am still learning a bit from them all each time.  There is always something I have to figure out while doing these squares.  There are still some basics I am not sure about even but I figure it out on the way & they seem to turn out!  

So there you go!  It's been a crazy couple of weeks of swapping & changing crafts hasn't it!  Today I did a fabric stash sort again.  I found a backing for another quilt in the pile so I was excited about that.  So I have 2 ready to baste.  Almost 3 when I have got the backing pieces sewn together for another one!  Ekkk... basting & quilting galore!  But not all at once exactly!  We'll see.  Basting really needs to be done either during nap time for one or night time sleeping for two boys.  I have to baste on the floor so kid free is best!  


Larissa said...

These squares are really pretty :) Thanks for dropping by my little blog!

Sally said...

More lovely dovely squares. I've fallen off the crochet wagon at the moment... looking a head I don't know if I'll really get back into it until after Christmas... I really need to start getting organised making my kiddos some gifts. M's birthday is coming quickly too.
Oh my! I don't want to think about it... makes me feel all panicky.