21 October, 2012

Saturday's Efforts

You know that pile of scraps on the floor the other day?  Well it is slowly turning into 5" & 2.5" squares.  Oh & a few rectangles that I can't throw out yet.  I'm certainly making a dent.  But this is only the pile that consisted of stupid shapes of scraps because they have had chunks cut out of them that have curves or things from cutting hats & bags.  You know the type!  They are too small for anything decent but too big a chunk to actually toss out.  I had a couple of takers for 2.5" squares the other day so I am happy that some of these will be winging their way most likely around the world!  Cool!  Count so far is 89 5" squares!  That is a lot of fabric!  I won't count the 2.5" as there are probably 5 times as many.

I have had this advent calendar kicking around in the cupboard for ages now too.  So I added the borders today & have basted it on the floor.   I have got the pockets ready for sewing on when I get to the quilting bit.  I put them on with all layers together after the quilting.  That way they don't hang & sag off the front panel only.  That would be really annoying I think.  The only problem with these pockets is they aren't pleated so they sit very flat on the piece.  So there won't be much room for treats.  Pity.  Then I have to decide who of 2 people will get this one!  I have 2 more calendars to go.  Or maybe 3. We'll see if I get to them this year or not!  My bet is NOT!  lol  

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