27 October, 2012

Movie Night

Do you do anything like a movie night at your place?  

After our recent trip to the cinema, I was astounded at the cost for a family.  Well, we were only 2 adults & a child, so anymore than that & I think I would have fainted at the price they told me.  It had been a long time since I had been at the cinema obviously!  So we decided movie nights were definitely the way to go.  We rarely even get movies from the rental place these days so this will be quite novel too.  The one advantage will be that I get to see some of the movies before I buy them later on.  I do like to buy some of the classics on DVD for the boys.  I don't know how often we will have our movie night but we will try to do it every few weeks or so.

Right, are we ready?

1. Popcorn?  Check.
2.  Chocolate?  Check.  (though I would prefer not having to share this as it's delicious!)
3.  Movie?  Check.  


Kirrily said...

Hello. We have just started doing movie nights with our two girls - about once a fortnight. They have early baths and then we have finger food and dessert in front of the movie in the lounge room. We are able to download them online due to our internet/phone package for the price of a rental, which is convenient. So far the girls are loving the new tradition, and we are enjoying this intentional family time. I hope you enjoy your movie night! Kind regards, Kirrily

Bron said...

Oh so much cheaper and more comfortable too I think. Have fun xx

Katie B said...

I prefer movie nights at home too. It's cheaper and you can wear your pajamas!

Whimsy and Juno said...

Going to the movies can be super expensive can't it? We're lucky that we live near a cinema that charges only $5.50 per ticket all the time. Movie nights are such a great way to have a similar experience without having to get dressed up and leave the house. Win! :)
xoxo Lauren

Sally said...

Yes... going to the cinema sure is pricey!!!

We do movie nights every now and then... not so much at the moment because we're in the midst of renovating the lounge room.

Puss in Boots we did watch on DVD for an at home movie night - it was awesome!!! Loved it.