29 October, 2012

The Many Faces Of ......

Didn't I say the other day that I was making hats?  Yeah loads of them!  
That seemed to be most of the down time of the weekend!  I got other things done too,  like washing, lawn mowing, playing, picnic & movie.  lol

Red Shark hat - there are actually 4 of these!  Yes 4!   Someone wants them all for her day care kids.  I guess they will be easy to see with these bright things on their heads.
The other 3 are all gifts someone wanted for their grandchildren.  Good idea really!  They will be easy to mail.  

One thing though - these fabrics are from Spotlight.  I am shocked at the amount of faults in Spotlight fabric! Each of these has a slub in the fabric if not a couple.  Also there was absolutely no give in this fabric.  I'm used to fabric that I can stretch a little to help fit when sewing.  This didn't do it!  Lesson learnt.  I get what I pay for for sure!  Shame as they do have some different designs that would have good potential for different projects.  

Have a good week!  Blogtoberfest is nearly over!  Wow!  Another month bites the dust!  

(do you have any idea how hard it was to get these pictures?  The really silly smiles are his good smiles I'm afraid!  That's how he smiles for a camera any time! Try & get him to look properly & he frowns instead!  lol )

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Sally said...

MORE hats? Wow.

There great - love that birdy one too. Cute.

How disappointing about the fabric. Bad luck for sure.