13 October, 2012

New Craft For Today

The other night in bed BJ got all upset because we hadn't done painting yet.  He wanted to do the one where you fold the page over & squash it.  He asked last weekend to do it & suddenly he remembers at bed time that he wants to do it still.  Not handy when you are trying to get him to bed...  So I got the paint out so we would remember it for the weekend.  

So that's what we did.  Well he did one painting.  I have 6 hanging up drying!  lol  He did that one all over page & then went to fold it to squash it.  OK, so he doesn't get that bit.  That's alright.  He had fun.  But that was it.  All that paint for one picture.  At least he has got it out of his system.  

I had fun doing my own fold over & squash pictures!  

Also, finally got around to squeezing lemons after Stuart pruned some branches the other week.  They finally ripened & then they rot very quickly so I had a truck load.  This pile of lemons is only half of it!  I ended up with over a litre of juice!  Made a batch of cordial & will have to freeze the rest or something.  It's rather a lot!  

Hope the sun is shining where you are & you have been able to do some fun kids crafts too!  It's a great chance to do some fun stuff that your inner child wants to play at once more!