06 October, 2012

Stack Hats

 Or a stack of hats at least!  & we have 8 complete!  Woohoo!  Phew, that was quite something - that I hadn't planned to do at this time a week ago!  

I did manage to get a bit of R&R in today though!  We took BJ to his first movie!  We saw Madagascar 3.  I really enjoyed it!  So did BJ.  He managed to sit through it.  He did get a bit fidgety by the end but not bad at all.  In the car on the way over I did have to tell him that there was no talking in the movies.  He wasn't sure if I was kidding or not I don't think.  It was going to be hard for him though!  lol  He had a little bit of a choc top & then some popcorn with dad so he was very impressed & enjoyed his special treat out.  


Sally said...

Oh my goodness. Did you make all those hats??? Where ever did you find the time. Fabulous. Love 'em all.
First movies are so fabulous. E. saw Toy Story 3 and M. saw Smurfs. Such a wonderful experience.

Bron said...

You're on a roll with the hats...

I took the little guy to see Madagascar today...great movie for kids I think. xx