23 October, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

How About Orange blog bracelet tutorial
Image from How About Orange
Did you used to make friendship bracelets?  I remember the first one I got!  It was from my penfriend in New York.  It was really cool!  Such a long time ago.  At the time I used some of my mum's threads in a little tin (boy she didn't have many back then!) & pulled the end apart to figure out how it was made so I could make some!  Boy I turned out a few of those.  I also made a few other sorts in leather.  I don't remember where I got those patterns from now as we didn't have internet back then to show us stuff like that.  But I remember my boyfriend wore a few of them for an age too!  (he's now my husband!  I guess he really did love me if he was wearing my sad old creations back then!)  

Did you know you can now put fancy jewellry pieces on the ends of them?  That seems posh really!  Nothing like a good old knot in each end if you ask me!  

Little Gray Fox: Holiday DIY: Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments Tutorial
Image from Little Gray Fox
Christmas ornaments covered in sprinkles?  Who would have thought!  Looks quite pretty here, but I think if I did it it would be just plain daggy!  Why do my things always seem daggy after I make them but on here when I see other people's stuff they are really cool!  hmmm.... no idea! 

There are also some pretty painted ones baubles there.  I do have some plain ones in a box somewhere waiting to be decorated.  But I haven't found the perfect way I want to do them yet!   lol

Anne Claire Petit
Image from Anne Claire Petit
This picture is just fascinating to me!  Go to her page to see it a bit bigger.  

Gingerbread caravan
Image from Little Vintage Trailer
This is really fairytale stuff isn't it!  Would make a nice playhouse in the backyard!  Click on the link to see pictures of inside!  

Have a good day!  


Bron said...

They are some cool ideas..pintrest is such a minefield of ideas...you could get lost on there and never find your way out. xxx

Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

those are all awesome ideas! I'd love a friendship bracelet like that one!