09 October, 2012

New Pinterest Favourites

Are you on Pinterest yet?  I waste a bit of time there but I must say too, I have been active in doing some of the things that I have found there too so that's a good thing right?

I have some other things I am curious about that I have seen there.

Slow Cooker Freezer Meals
Image from Mama & Baby Love
Are you a slow cooker cooker?  Have you tried this?  Putting all your ingredients in a ziploc bag in the freezer & getting it out a day before & putting it in the slow cooker?  I like the idea...  but I'm concerned about the chicken in there.  Obviously no one has been harmed so far as a lot of people seem to be doing this now.  But I think I would be cautious.  I think if I ever get around to doing this I would have to put the meats in a separate bag.  Stephanie does answer questions about it here, including concerns about the meat issue like I have.  Still I'm not convinced.  

This is just for me!!!  Cinnamon Apple Upside Down Coffee Cake. Melts in your mouth!
Image from here & recipe too!
This looks delicious!  Upside-down Cinnamon Apple Coffee Cake!  What's not to love there huh?

Snoopy Christmas Cookies - MY favourite!  Love snoopy!
Picture via Pink Apron Baker
I love Snoopy!  A Snoopy biscuit rocks!  But I couldn't make them.  But I love to look at it!  So clever!  

very cool!  I should make one!  bwahahaha.... in my dreams!
Picture from here
This really takes the CAKE!  Love this!  Check out the link just below the picture & see the other Beatles cakes!  They are awesome!  Totally amazing!  There is nothing else but all all those sorts of adjectives to describe them!  

WolfDreamer: Private-POM
picture & pattern via here
After having watched Madagascar 3 the other day I think this little guy is a must make!  I have enjoyed all 3 of the Madagascar movies & this guy would be good fun I think!   

So what else do I need to look at on Pinterest?  Have you found some good recipes?

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