22 July, 2013

Ferry Cross The Mersey

Last day of the holidays today.  BJ doesn't go to school Monday at all & usually we have swimming on but it was a nice day to just do something special.  We went on a ferry.  A little ferry across the river.  BJ had been on it a few years back with his grandparents.  DJ hadn't yet.  He was a bit confused, amazed, fascinated...  & I fortunately didn't get seasick just for that little ride.  lol  

We went over the river, walked 2 blocks up to this park where we had a good play, walked the plank, had snacks & fun!  Then walked back to the river & waited for the ferry to come back over to pick us up for the return ride.  Nice.  A nice winter time activity that amused little ones enough without a great deal of fanfare.  

Back to school & regular routine once again tomorrow.  Have a great week!  

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Bron said...

What a fun day out...looks cold though. It is these days that make the long lasting memories. xxx