01 July, 2013

More Showing Off!

 I have also been busy knitting for Christmas!  Yay for that!  

Cowls are my new favourite accessory & as I sent one to a friend in England last year for Christmas she told me how great it was.  I said I would do another.  So well, I did 2.  OK, it's her birthday the day after Christmas so one for each.  

Dewdrop Cowl was nice to do.  It's an 8ply Magic Garden Buttons which they have gone & discontinued.  How dare they!  I love it.  

Then I had to try this new 100% wool from Schoppell Woolle.  They do the very cool Zauberballs in a sock yarn & just brought out the wool version.  Only problem is that it made me a bit sneezy.  Oh well.  It was a nice knit though this Botanical Cowl & I will definitely do it again.  Didn't take long either.  I love the colours in it & it's warm as can be.  (well for the brief moment I tried it!)


Vicky said...

I am currently wearing a cowl that I crocheted last winter, they aren't as bulky as a scarf.
Oh and love the one made out of the discontinued wool, isn't that always the way!

Bron said...

Gorgeous colours...they would make a great gift. I could have done with one for our winter vacation this week....hope it is not to cold where you are. xx