30 June, 2013

Showing Off

Excuse the face on it!  But I thought I had shown this jumper off already but seems I haven't.  I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago.  It's another Greyson like the one I did for DJ recently.  I loved it so much I had to do another.  This time I used Sirdar Smiley Stripes though.  It's a bamboo/wool combo & feels so nice.  I did think though while knitting that it was going to look horrible on it's own so hunted down some plain blue to match.  Not an easy feat, but managed to find Sirdar do a plain bamboo/wool & got hold of some in the hope the blue would blend.  It did!  Well I thought so anyway, & really set off the jumper.  BJ wanted green but he's not really a green boy so the blue was better & he was happy enough with it.  

It didn't take long either.  For me anyway!  lol  Working around the cuffs while I waited for the blue I didn't get held up too much so that was good.  


Bron said...

Very apt that the model is wearing smiley with such a big smile. Looks very pleased with it. x

Kim said...

Looks awesome - love the blue cuffs. And the face. LOL