10 June, 2013

Lego Day

Well the day has come & is almost gone.  It's been quite a lead up to a Lego party!  I guess I have been preparing for at least 3 months!  Yeah, I like it.  It's fun making stuff .  The more I can do the better as far as I am concerned.

This morning we had to wait for the littlest one to wake up which was quite a chore for the new 5 year old!  But it was worth the wait I think.  

We gave him a big Lego amongst other things.  Never is he going to save up enough to get one like it.  lol

I had all sorts of things that I discovered through Pinterest & elsewhere.  I made the kids all masks so we got almost a whole group shot of the boys in them.  Looks pretty funny.  

We had a balloon board.  The balloons had legos in them & some lollies too.  They each took turns to pop a balloon & got the stuff that fell out of it.  Kind of a cheating pinata I guess, but it made it nice & fair so they all got a turn & all got pretty much the same sort of stuff to take home.  I had bought a mixed box of Lego blocks in a sale a few months back & only used a few from that.  The boys will score the rest eventually I suppose.  But a nice party treat for the kids too I think.  

He got the most awesome storage box!  His Grandad made it for him on a whim I believe!  I think it was only started within the last week!   It's awesome & to scale I believe!  (I did advise them that another would be necessary before too long for the little one who is into Lego almost as much as BJ is!)  So there you go, an awesome storage box for his Lego!

I recently made a bunch of bunting too.  This was fun.  You know, printable fabric, applique & voila!  Bunting.  This here is the short one.  I did 2 with 2 different sets of figures.  This is the Lego City workers.  The other one is a range of minifigures.  

Fruit boxes decorated with coloured paper, & circle dots raised!  Straws with Lego Men heads on them.  & Lego Men heads as table confetti.  lol  

 Lego block party bags too.  

Ok, I will pop back in with some more details on some of the bits...  Like the insides of the party bags!  Oh & the cake...  lol  


Janine said...

You created a wonderful party!

Bron said...

You have totally out done yourself...fantastic fun. xxx

Sally said...

My my... that is the most awesome party! You have put so much hard work into it. Lovely. Really really ace.