29 June, 2013


What's with that subject heading I hear you ask?  Well everyone else uses silly things like that!  So I will too...  Only mine is End of Financial Year Finishes!  Yay!  

Well it is the end of the financial year as the silly adverts keep telling us here with their EOFY sales etc etc...  

I figured I might show you what I have been up to to finish stuff!  Actually I have had a productive couple of weeks I guess.  I have been knitting mostly!  It's fun.  I am hugely inspired by Ravelry at the moment.  Are you on there?  Look me up won't you.  I'm Fell4u on there too!  

I am also hugely sucked in to the yarn at work.  It's yarn season.  I am addicted to using it right now.  Addicted to helping people buy it & happy to see when they come back in to show me their finishes!  

Last year... yep, last year, I started my cardigan.  Yes it's a cardi I suppose.  But it's OK.  You can buy young folk cardis in shops so anyway, I really liked this one enough to want to make it for myself.  I started it last year & pretty much finished it then except for the sewing it together bit.  It's been sitting about taunting me from behind other stuff when I go to do other little things.  I stopped thinking about it & just got in last weekend & did it though.  Joined it, picked up a billion stitches & did the front bands, found 5 buttons in my stash of buttons that all matched & worked.  Yay for that!  I only needed 4 on it really, but I thought I was being a bit clever & I stuck the fifth one on the seam inside.  I sewed it on.  I didn't put it in a little plastic bag like the shops do.  And now if I lose one I know where to find a spare don't I?  I thought that was smart thinking.  It makes more sense than leaving the last lonely one in the button jar (1 of 5 jars at that!) to look through in the case of needing the replacement!

Well I finished it.  Soaked it.  Took a few days to dry out & I even wore it yesterday to work.  It's OK.  A good thing I left it as long as I did probably as I will wear it now.  I feel quite clever.  It's not perfect by any means, but I made it.  I am quite pleased with that rotten little lace edge.  Don't ever knit an edge like that on bamboo needles!  You will be sure to break them.  lol  They didn't like the backwards work required to get the edge as cute as it is.  

Anyway, that's one.  Might show a few more things tomorrow.  This is the main finish at least.  Now it's out of my way I can sit & start something else for me without much guilt.  

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Bron said...

It is really lovely...that colour is sweet...good for you getting a nice project finished before the end of the year. xx