03 June, 2013

Can You Believe It's Winter

We had a great little school excursion the other week.  I got to hang out with the big boy & his friends.  

The little guy wasn't so thrilled obviously!  His body language says so much these days.  He is trying desperately to talk.  Slowly but surely...

I have been doing a spot of stuff in between.  My new colours for the squares are here.  Included in this will be black.  Mostly for the joining.  Not sure though about the colours yet.  Still haven't grabbed me as much as the last blanket did.  Oh well, I have to just go with it.  


Bron said...

Such a cool leaf...school excursions are loads of fun to go on....we had a sunny day in the park today and yes it is hard to think it is winter already. xxx

Sally said...

I adore that first photo!!! Brilliant.

Yes O too is trying to find his voice and can get rather frustrated at times. Strangely he is a "yeah" kind of person ... I can't remember my other two say "yeah" so much - I clearly remember lots and lots and lots of "nos!"