15 July, 2013

Holiday Fun

Well we've had quite a time lately.  Busy as usual, but even with holidays it doesn't seem to have let up.  I've worked my 2 days as usual & they boys have a nice break from me that day.  lol  

Got this bit of knitting done the other week.  A nice beanie in an aran tweed for Stu.  It's really thick & warm.  It took one ball.  Darn it.  I was over prepared with 3.  So now I have 2 left of course.  So 2 more beanies the same?  We'll see...  Not this week anyway.

We had pouring rain all day yesterday & today was looking much the same.  So when I friend told me she as going to the play place I did decide it was necessary for morning entertainment.  The boys had a great time.  The place was busy of course being holidays but they all came out unscathed!  It is difficult to get a still picture of DJ.  He just can't stay still for a second!  

After a treat of a Happy Meal for lunch on the way home DJ was thankfully ready for a sleep.  Phew...  BJ wanted to paint.  & with the easel.  & outside.  Yes Boss.  So here he sat for over an hour painting his masterpiece.  It was the first time I had seen him draw such detail.  He's come along way since starting school that is for sure...  Oh on the first picture you can see it more clearly, but that black person in the middle is him painting on an easel.  lol  Less is more, but he kept adding & adding.  It was fun watching.  

That little black thing just there by the blue sky (well what colour did I expect the sky to be?) is a treasure chest.  It is of course the treasure at the end of the rainbow!   Dad on the right playing music.  DJ on the left, Me under the tree.  Awesome!  

Work tomorrow but hopefully the couple of days after that we will find some more fun to do!  I have a couple of ideas but will have to wait & see how wintery our days are.  

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Bron said...

Yay for school holidays and fun places to visit.....the painting is awesome..love the details.