24 August, 2013

Storms All Round

I don't know about where you are but we have had some crazy wet weather for a few weeks now.  Weird stormy weather often just little thunder & lightning, but lots & lots of rain...  & I mean lots.  The water is receding I think finally, all around town.  It wasn't flooded here but it was wet.  Sodden.  To be expected.  It's going to be strange to see the paddocks & ditches not full of water!  

As a result of the indoor days, I have been knitting up a storm too!  So much so that I had to have a little break in between.  I was over doing it on my shoulders of course.  So make myself feel ill & need of massage the knots out.  Also I had poked a bunch of holes in my finger with the knitting needles.  Yeah tragic I know.  But gee, it just wasn't going away cos I just kept stabbing myself in the same spot over & over again.  Keeps you awake anyway!  :-)  

I did get a bit of crochet done for a change.  I had got well behind in the CAL squares recently.  I did one square in my new colours & really wasn't loving it.  So I was reluctant to do more.  But I just decided one day to just get on with it as some of the CAL girls really liked the colours.  So I did another.  

Manny Anne's Square - not my favourite & a lot of fussy pattern writing for little effect as far as I was concerned. 

Harriett's Square - I liked this one - well the centre anyhow.  It was after the grey edge that I realised that is was the light green that I didn't like.  But since I had a few done with green already I thought I had better keep it going.  

Simple 10 petal square - like this one.  I did get a bit befuddled over reading the pattern for the bit on top of the centre (the grey bit!).  I was over thinking again.  If that is at all possible for me to do!  

Shells & Waves - Nah, didn't fancy this at all.  Too fussy a pattern again for what it is.  

Ok, so I have a hand full done now.  Will do a few more.  It doesn't need to be a big blanket.  I am hoping the black edges & joining will make a difference to it.  But the point of the CAL is to do some that others suggest & often it is what you wouldn't pick to do yourself so it is nice to try out some other stuff.  I have enjoyed it all the same.  

Currently sidetracked on to a little stash busting on small stuff which is good fun too.  

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Certainly different combination than usual I think, but they do look nice together.

Sally said...

Yes I had a knitting injury recently - a very sore finger indeed... and yes it was tragic because I had to stop knitting ... and frankly I don't have a lot of energy for much else these days!!!

Love all of the squares. I still haven't joined my squares from the last CAL. On my list of things to do... I will get there. I will. Really.

Bron said...

Knitting injuries....oh dear....we have returned to the wet weather here this week.....glad to see you have been productive despite the gloomy weather. xx