25 August, 2013

Colourful Stashbusting

I decided the other day to just use up some cotton yarns.  Needed to replenish my kitchen cloths with some new ones.  So here they are...  well actually there are some missing as mum has them already.  I had fun using up stuff.  In fact, I go to the point of just using till it runs out regardless of whether it goes along the whole row or now.  There are a couple of narrow ones, a couple with some shorter rows on the end.  

Yarns there are Lily Sugar'n'Cream, Anchor Magic Line & Mission Falls.  There were full balls of the Painted Desert Sugar'n'Cream & that did 2.5 cloths.  Not bad.  I edged the one in the front with some plain boring cotton that I had that kind of matched.  I had a couple of partial balls of that stuff too & the Magicline which I just used till it ran out.  Easy.  & who cares about the size or stitches missing when they are for me anyway!  I don't care.  I don't reckon any of the boys in this house will notice anything odd about them!  

& now I feel good as I have used up stuff again.  It doesn't like there is anything gone but I know there is at least!  lol


Sally said...

I'm on a stash busting mission too... I need to use use use use stuff. Too much yarn, too much fabric... no more craft room!!!

You can never have too many dishcloths. Love 'em.

Bron said...

They are great.....such a lovely pop of colour in the house for menial tasks....and who doesn't love stash busting projects. xxxx

Christine said...

Hi Mandy,
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