01 October, 2013

Blurry Times - Busy Times

 Another month has gone by.  

I had to refresh my memory a little.  A sign of old age of course!  But I am happy to have these birthdays you know.  Plus any excuse for cake.  Every September though we usually overload on cake.  I think we started with cake on Father's Day.  Then a couple days after was my birthday & a few more days after is Stuart's.  The boys have fun at least.  We need cake & candles for their benefit.  Plus I think that week we also had a couple of other children's birthday parties to attend!  Phew...  

So a little bit of this

& a little bit of that...  it was nice that Elmo was able to make it to this one!  

The weather has been rather wet.  So there have been pyjama days on the weekends if we haven't had anything on.  BJ reading to DJ was pretty funny.  

This was a rather sunny spring day.  
Bj wanted the pool.  You WHAT?  Yes it is sunny, but no we aren't breaking out the pool.  Ok, just the clam with a little water in the bottom.  & no bathers on.  Ok, so fully dressed, they played in a little water that was continually topped up with a little more, tipped out, topped up, etc etc.  As you can see from the wee one on the left, he is muddy.  Muddy as anything.  But they had such fun, crawling around under the pool, rolling around on the ground, in the muddy patch they created from tipping out the bit of water each time.  It was so nice that they could run about crazy as for a while in some spring sunshine.  

Goodness, I really need to put in a bit more effort.  
Hope you are all going to come & visit me still.  I will try to lift my game.  


Bron said...

Why hello...love the family pic you all look so well.....bring on Spring here too we have seen very little of it. xxxx

Sally said...

You all look so gorgeous in that family photo. Beautiful family indeedy. (Did you have to pay the kids to pose so nicely? We would!)

... and yes bring on summer and water play where you don't have to be fully dressed ;) [because I hate washing!!!]