07 October, 2013

Fabulous Springy Weekend

Finally the rain has stopped.  It is supposedly only temporary but heck, we'll take sunshine when we can get it right now.  

We had a fabulous weekend though enjoying the sunshine.  Saturday was lots of weeding in the garden.  Felt good to be out there & getting something done in the forest of weeds!  The cows were so happy with our efforts!  lol  

Sunday we were able to go to the Celebrate Spring event at the Tasmanian Arboretum.  We went last year & BJ remembered it & really wanted to go again.  We were there early this time & there was no waiting around to do activities.  We started with kite making.  

They don't look like much but they were fabulous.  They did fly if you ran fast enough.  Not much wind, & we aren't going to complain about that at all.  But they did a good job.  Even DJ tried & tried.  But he ended up having more fun falling over.  We tried them last night at home & they do go really well!  

Next stop was the tent with the beach & rubbish display.  We spent at least 15 minutes here.  BJ was in his element.  I think he told the lady as much as she told him.  They had a good combination of beach things & rubbish you find on the beach so they spent ages looking at all the bits.   Right down to the penguin with the knitted penguin jumpers which BJ was quite excited about too.  DJ just enjoyed playing with the whales, boat & other fish they had sitting on there for the display.  

The Basketweavers had an interactive display too.  It was fabulous.  They had an assortment of things to use to weave into their large "wall".  BJ had a good time playing & weaving ropes through first up.  We thought it would be good to go back to it later on to see what had happened to it in the time we had been elsewhere.  It was interesting.  Of course, anything the big brother does, the little one had to do too...  

The icecream there is divine.  That was our extra special treat for the day.  Of course DJ thoroughly enjoyed it.  

The arboretum is a large tree park.  Quite a natural type of park, & it's great to visit any time of the year.  There is a large lake in the centre where there are a few platypus.  I have seen them before but it was too early in the day to see them today.  BJ did laps of the lake so he could run across the "ninja wall" that Stu named it.  So of course one lap wasn't enough.  Stu took some time out while we waited for BJ to come back around.  

BJ had his face painted.  It's only the second time ever.  The first time was at this event last year.  
Unfortunately the lady didn't know how to do a lego man like he asked for so he got a spider.  ewww...  

It was a good time.  
& only 5 minutes after we were home did this happen...  


Sally said...

What a great day out! I can't believe how big your boys look - BJ all grown up (well ok - not quite but hey at this rate it won't be long - boo-hoo!!!)

Bron said...

Glad the sun came out in time to enjoy a fabulous looking day....spring has been long in coming to us as well...hope we don't get Summer too early. xx