26 October, 2013

Still Busting Stash

I'm still here.  Just plodding along doing the usual stuff.  

I did get some more cloths made recently.  A friend who I made a bunch for last year loves her cloths.  Her sister was visiting her & demanded Friend take her to the shop where she got her cloths from.  Cool huh?  Someone thought my cloths were good enough to be shop bought.  Quite a nice thought.  Anyway, Friend asked me to make some so she could give them to her sister.  Sure thing.  

I don't use anything else any more.  Especially with a horror messy child.  I can wipe floors or anything with a clean one & put it straight in the wash.  No cross contamination around here!  lol  

& yes I do have a horror messy child.  This morning - walk in kitchen & said child is sitting on the floor with his hand in a new tub of butter.  Oh lovely.  Not that I used a cloth at this point.  Paper towel was called for here else I would be forever getting grease out of washing.  Can't very well wash child with boiling hot water to get it off him!  

Don't let the face of the little one fool you!  
(Daddy took them on a bit of a "bush walk" last week while I was at work)


Bron said...

Oh there is never a dull moment in our house with little ones....can't believe that kind of fun is gone from our house.....Love the colourful cloths too. xxxx

Sally said...

All of mine are horror messy children in one way or another. Loving the dish cloths!!!