02 October, 2013


I am a bit excited!  
Ok, a bit more than a bit.  I am feeling quite clever too.  

I did it.  I knitted myself a hoodie!  For one thing, that is the second top for me this year!  Wow!  Amazing.  It's never happened before.  

But I did this hoodie.  It is Basic Chic Hoodie.  I am rapt.  It's top down & seamless.  It took me about 2 months to knit.  That in itself is quite something.  It is knitted with Noro Kureyon wool.  I love it.  I still really can't believe I made it myself!  I even got to wear it so far.  I thought it was just going to be too warm for spring now, but nope, the weather has been pretty ordinary so got to wear it for a day already.  Quite cosy.  

So, onward & upward.  I feel like I can tackle almost anything!  

Ok, maybe not anything.  I am still scared of knitted patterns as charts.  I want it written in words!  lol  
But maybe I will get over that if I really want to do this pattern I found.  But in the meantime I have got another ready for the needles.  But I need to do a couple of other little jobs first.  


Bron said...

That is awesome....you should be proud of yourself. xxx

Sally said...

Love it!!! Look at you. Great stripey colour. Love it. Brilliant. I wanna make myself one... think I might go look up that pattern... but my queue on Rav. is already so long... but it is so fabulous...