31 October, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

Well I have enjoyed my little foray back in the world of cross stitching...  These little ornaments were just what I needed to get me interested a bit again.  Quite cute they are too I think.  They are all the Lizzie Kate Jingle series from this year.  As were the 2 on my previous post.  

They have all been stash busters too.  I have used everything that I already had at home from the ric rac, fabric, craft card, felt, thread, evenweave...   I didn't even take any note of the count of the evenweave.  I didn't care really.  There was just a big cut there that was a good colour for them so I used it.  I found more of it today when I was topping up my DMC threads in my DMC drawers.  How fun was that!  Oh it is nice to see you again my little threads of fun!  


Vicky said...

Very nice, I am stitching ornaments to for exchanges, and I will be glad when I can go back to stitching what I want LOL

Bron said...

Go you...stash busting and organized for Christmas..xxxx