02 November, 2013

Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks - that apparently are good for potato sack races!  
NOT!  lol  

Well they both tried.  But this is some more stash that I have got out of one cupboard only to put in another I guess.  lol  But I had these Nancy Halverson panels for a while.  We cleared them out at work sometime back & I decided it would make a nice big bag.  I did get fabric to finish them off at one point but I can't find it so used a bit of other stuff I had & just made it work.  You can see the one on the left has 2 rows of small pictures.  Those rows were on the top & bottom of the main design which you can see on the right.  But that made it tooooooo big for a bag.  So I cut the rows off the top & bottom & used them in the back to make the back a bit more interesting.  BJ picked green for in his.  DJ just got some yellow that I had enough of to join to make fit.  I know I will find the missing stuff now.  It's a good thing that fabric doesn't go off in the cupboard isn't it!  Actually if it did I would be able to smell the missing stuff & find it again.  Maybe I didn't get it like I thought I did.  Who knows.  Anyway, they both have giant draw string bags now.  Hopeless to get a picture of them both cooperating at the same time.  Too busy saying "cheese" for the camera.  So sorry, you can't see the big Santa design very well at all!  But they are quite cute I promise!  


Bron said...

They are very cute.....oh so are the bags. xxx

Sally said...

Your boys are cute - that's for sure!