03 November, 2013

Tractors and Hats

DJ has got bigger in the last year.  His hats from last year are too small.  Lucky that mummy knows how to make new ones.  Lucky too that where mummy works has nice tractor fabric!  He was rather pleased with his new tractor hat.  So much so that it even got hugs & kisses.  Yep the hat got them, I didn't!  lol  

I don't usually like using fabric with a definite direction, but this one I had to try.  It's bright so I can spot him easily when out, it's tractors which is always a winner with him these days.  It's worked out better than I hoped though I did fussy a bit to get some decent placement of tractors that weren't only partial.  

Now I can get on to the rest of the hats I have here.  I had a few cut out still from last summer.  Lucky that fabric doesn't go off isn't it!  So I can get them made up & hopefully someone will need one!  


Bron said...

You are totally on a roll......your fabric cupboards will need topping up at this rate. xxxxx

Sally said...

Love love love this hat. If only we could've popped by and picked DJ up to come to the farm with us.

... although I suppose you guys are a bit more used to farmy stuff than we are.