29 November, 2013

And Another Off That List

I saw this simple idea the other day for Santa pants...  They had done it on red plastic cups.  I needed to find something red first...  I was looking for something like a plant pot thinking I would have to paint.  
Done...  red ramekins from the cheap shop.  $2 each...  bargain.  A bit of black felt ribbon, a white felt belt buckle & some glue - voila...  these will hold my pillar candles on the Christmas table.  
They are so cute & effective I think, that I went back to the cheap shop & bought 8 more.  I will fill them with something, cello wrap them & gift them.  Nicer than a throw away cup & something cute & useful later on.  

I can't find the original picture that I saw but there are a few other types of this on Pinterest if you care to look on there with the search of Santa Pants!  

Now I don't know why I did this yesterday but I did.  I was in the middle of making hats, but couldn't as the little guy wouldn't have a sleep so that messed up my make time.  So instead for some reason I picked this up & went with it.  I had no intention yesterday of doing these but well, things just happen sometimes & I went with it.  Since I had the back ground cut & the sun fabric still left over from the other squares it really didn't take long.  If you remember or not, I did the first 10 Happy Sun quilt squares at about this time last year.  I was caught up with them & then had to wait for the last 2 to be released.  Well of course I didn't do them at the time.  But these last 2 were on my list on the right hand side of my blog "to try to do list". & well there is another done!  I guess for next year I had better put making the quilt top on the list.  

The Happy Sun quilt squares are now available to buy from the designer April Mae, but if you would like the Happy Moon quilt along set she has those available now on her site.  Check them out!  They are like the suns, but night time!  

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Sally said...

O I remember your sunny blocks. So lovely. Looking forward to seeing the top all together... next year!