25 November, 2013

Taking Stock

Here is my list for today!  If you want a list you can get it from Pip at Meet Me At Mike's too!  

Making : Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments, hats, dishcloths, 
Cooking : boterkoek
Drinking :  coffee
Reading: Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher
Wanting: lots of time to finish making
Looking:  at the toy shop catalogue with the boys
Playing: Bug Trails our new favourite game
Deciding: what to get some grown ups for Christmas
Wishing: for a bit more sunshine
Enjoying: planning for a big Christmas.  
Waiting: for new episodes online of Hart of Dixie & Homeland
Liking: a new series to watch, Chicago Fire
Wondering: How much sleep Master 5 will get on Christmas Eve?
Loving: hunting down new recipes for Christmas.
Pondering: the point of hunting down new recipes for Christmas
Considering: what would be best in the boys Advent Calendars
Watching: Chicago Fire
Hoping: That all my effort with the cotton yarn at work will be worthwhile!
Marvelling: at how Master 2 if finally saying everything or at least trying too!
Needing: an early night
Smelling: the clean dog
Wearing: daggy home clothes
Following: My friends Sally & Bron...
Noticing: how grown up my big boy is suddenly
Knowing: I spend too much time playing Candy Crush.
Thinking: I am never going to get every thing done before Christmas that I would like too, but I won't stress over it either!  
Feeling: content
Admiring: Claire Danes as I watch her in Homeland.
Buying: too many Christmas ornaments & things.  But I love it!
Getting: lots of ideas on Pinterest to make more Christmas stuff!
Bookmarking: recipes
Opening: the One Pot Wonders cook book for our dinner tonight
Giggling:  at how some people love Christmas so much that they put up their tree in November & even October!  

How fun is that then.  I love reading what people put down for some of these things.  It's quite enlightening don't you think.  If you want to do it too, go to Pip's page & use her blank list to paste.  


Anonymous said...

wow!! I don't think you are going to have time to sleep. I'd better start thinking what I have to do as there are only 4 weeks left.

Sally said...

Yes... your big boy is looking very grown up in next to his Ninja Turtles.

Mmm... just googled boterkoek... dutch buttercake hey... me thinks we'll be making this soon too... what's your recipe???

(are you Dutch?)