11 November, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekends are starting to all look the same I think.  A pair of soggy boys playing in a pool.  

But it wasn't a pool yesterday.  It was some alien space ship that BJ was driving.  

Apparently the aliens were pulling him out but DJ had to hold onto him to pull him back in.  

The nappy butt is a good look of course!   But his pants were so soggy they kept falling down.  I took them off just after this.  

Daddy was busy digging up new patches of a now cow free section of paddock, ready for veggies that might be safe from boys & dog.  Unfortunately Juneau our dog was busy helping herself to the crops last year.  

At the moment we are dog sitting too.  Ellie the lab has grown accustomed to being outside with everyone.  She has come a long way in 3 weeks.  She is an inside dog mostly I think.  But not here.  She h


Bron said...

Lots of productive work going on...the pool will make an appearance here too soon with the weather we have been having. xxx

Sally said...

Nappy butt is so cute!

Love children's imaginations. Lots of great play there... and just look how lovely and lush and green things are in your part of the world.