21 November, 2013

Santa's Sack is Full

I'm nearly done with the 6 that I wanted done this year!  Number 5 is Santa's sack.  I love this one.  This is one of my favourites.  Now admittedly, I haven't just done all of this since finishing the other one.  I found this with all the green bag stitched already.  I got this off ebay some time back.  When I went to do it I found the bag of beads in it didn't match & I actually didn't have most of what I needed to do the ornament.  I know I had stocked up on a few beads & treasure sometime ago.  So I went through stitching & finding all the beads I had bought to complete it.  Some are right & some aren't as I did use a few that were in the bag with it.  It didn't really matter for them.  I really love the bows on the 2 gifts, on the doll & on the sack.  The jingle bells I had to buy as well as they weren't in with it either.  This is one of the earlier ones & I really like the ones made around this time.  


Anonymous said...

That is lovely, and I am getting closer to finishing some things,
but you are way ahead. You are going soooo well

Sally said...

How are the eyes coping with all this crafting???

Another lovely ornament.