12 November, 2013

More Handmade Christmas

Another cowl.  Yep.  This was for the second teacher but I don't think the colours will suit her so it's for someone else now.  I really liked this pattern though. Ziyal was rather cool to do.  Not difficult or anything & quite a quick knit considering I did it only a row here & there.  I'm not loving the yarn colours it was done in, as I think it will be a bit limiting, hence the change of person.  Also next time I will add stitches to make it longer.  As it is though, I only had 6 grams of the ball left so that wasn't bad.  Lucky it wasn't any bigger else I would have run out.  

What do you think of the yarn I've used?  Too much colour to be practical to wear?  Or not?  

1 comment:

Sally said...

It's a cute yarn. Pink and blue are sweet together. I'm fascinated by the stitch... it looks tricky, which is cool if its easy like you say.